About me

Cherry Manfield

My call to paint

Having been a teacher, film producer and mother, the call of the wild came from my childhood where bird songs and wild flowers and weeds were prized. Grandmother whistled and communed with the natural world, telling tales of love and wonder from her childhood in Simla and my mother followed suit. As a girl she tramped the hedgerows of west country Dorset and grew up a birder, organic gardener, later joining the ‘Men of the trees’ to regenerate the woodlands of the world.

Love and connection to the bird and animal families that live with us is what I saw and now long for. My sister, Wendy, is devoted to her family of magpies and menageries of both tame and wild kin. But now they need advocates and defenders; the birds and animals need our help. They are hanging on as best they can, having their young and following the rhythm of the seasons, but so much has changed since my grandmother and mother were young… So much has changed in the natural world in the intervening years, for example the little birds are scarce in the cities, driven away by the bigger native and imported birds like the ferocious Minors. Feral cats, bush fires, climate change and diminishing habitat are making it harder each year to raise young and teach them to survive.

We have to learn about and reconnect to the living world we no longer see at our doorsteps. We must not wait until the last of a species sings it’s song to call a mate that no longer exists.

The myth of the humming bird (as told by environmental Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai) is the story of a little hummingbird carrying water in its beak to put out a raging bush fire while all the other animals wring their hands in despair.

She is tiny and the others dismiss her efforts, BUT, she does her best…

… so help build a better world

This is a call for all of us to do the same. Educate ourselves and our children and get to know and love those that inhabit our oceans, trees and forests. Do our best to build a culture of advocacy to save our wilderness and its dwellers so that their rights are upheld and they flourish.

This site is still in it’s infancy. I am still adding links and connect to associates who share similar concerns.

Lucienne Rickard the Extinction Studies – deeply moving drawings of some wonderful creatures we have lost – mourning in the era of mass extinction.

Rod OConnor Einstein’s Last Message a book that examines why we as humans are capable of not caring and what we can do to change.

Indra Bone’s beautiful wild life photography